Have You Worked in Customer Service for Intuit, Apple or Another Company? We’d Like to Hear From You.

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We’re doing some research into what it’s like to work at customer service contracting firms such as Concentrix, Arise, Working Solutions, Sykes, LiveOps and Sitel. We’d love to learn about your experience at any of these companies. We’re particularly hoping to hear from people who work from home.

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Our interest in these companies came from responses to our recent series on Intuit. We heard from a number of people who worked in customer service for TurboTax. They’ve told us these jobs are challenging, and we’d like to know more. We’re also interested in your experience doing customer service for businesses besides Intuit, particularly if you have concerns. What is your daily routine like? What kind of training did you get? How do you feel about the pay? How would you describe your working conditions?

We’re happy to speak on background, meaning we wouldn’t quote you by name in anything we publish unless we talk about it first. We’re very happy to answer questions and explain more about who we are and why we’re working on this.

If you’d rather talk on Signal or WhatsApp, which are more secure, send a message to 347-244-2134 or email ariana.tobin@propublica.org.